iWave air purifier is intended to enhance the quality of indoor air. It utilizes a process known as
needle-point bi-polar ionization to lessen bacteria, smells, and airborne particles. By producing
positive and negative ions that cling to particles and cause them to cluster together and become
larger, this technology facilitates the easier collection of particles by filters. To assist maintain
clean and healthy indoor air, the iWave air purifier is frequently used in residential, commercial
and industrial environments.
The ductwork of an HVAC system is normally where the iWave air
purifier is installed. Switching off the HVAC system, finding a good installation spot in the
ductwork, drilling an access hole if needed, putting in a mounting bracket, fastening the iWave
unit to the bracket, connecting the power in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions,
caulking the access hole and lastly turning on the HVAC system and testing the purifier are the
steps involved in the installation process. To ensure correct and safe installation, it is advised that
the iWave air purifier be installed by a qualified HVAC specialist. We specialize in reliable and
trouble-free installation of iWave air purifier, our experts leave no stone unturned in ensuring a
smooth experience for you. Yoi can contact us today to schedule an appointment with us!


An iWave air purifier has several benefits including:

Reduces airborne particles:
By assisting in the reduction of airborne particles including dust, pollen and pet dander, needle-point bi-polar ionization technology can enhance lung health and lessen allergies.

Odor elimination:

By eliminating odours from cooking, pets, smoking and other causes the ionization process can also help the air smell better.

Eliminates pathogens:
By eliminating bacteria, viruses and mould spores, among other pathogens, the iWave purifier’s ions can lower the risk of illness and enhance the quality of the air.

Improves energy efficiency:
The iWave purifier can help to enhance the efficiency of the HVAC system, which may result in possible energy savings, by lowering the quantity of airborne particles and pollutants in the air.
Easy maintenance: 
The only maintenance needed for the iWave purifier is the occasional cleaning of the ionization tubes.

iwave air purifier


Here are some factors indicating that you need an iWave air purifier:

Allergy symptoms:
If residents of a house or building frequently sneeze, cough or have watery eyes, it may be a sign of a high concentration of airborne allergens, which an air purifier can help reduce.


Strong smells coming from the kitchen, dogs, smoke or other sources may indicate that the air quality within your home isn’t good and that an air purifier would help. 

Dust accumulation:

An air purifier may be able to help eliminate excessive dust accumulation on surfaces, which may be a sign of a high concentration of airborne particles.

Mold or mildew:

These conditions might be signs of high humidity and poor air quality, which calls for the use of an air purifier in a house or structure.

Breathing problems:
People with respiratory diseases like COPD or asthma may find that their symptoms intensify in low-quality air situations, which is why an air purifier is helpful.

An air purifier can help lessen the quantities of pet dander and odors that can be found in homes with pets.

Houses or buildings next to industrial regions or highways or in places with significant levels of outdoor pollution, may find that an air purifier is beneficial.

If life has been tough recently and you’re struggling to breathe in a comfortable atmosphere, an
iWave purifier can change your life significantly. Contact us today and our experts will
conveniently install it for you!

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