Aquatherm HVAC refers to a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system
that utilizes Aquatherm piping technology for its hydronic heating and cooling
applications. Aquatherm piping is a type of polypropylene-random (PP-R) piping system
that is specifically designed for use in HVAC systems. We provide top notch Aquatherm
HVAC systems that utilize the unique properties of Aquatherm piping, which include
excellent corrosion resistance, durability and the ability to handle high temperatures and
pressures. Hydronic heating and cooling systems are frequently used in commercial,
industrial and residential structures. Because heat fusion welding techniques may be
used to join Aquatherm piping systems instead of more conventional methods like
soldering or threading, the system is renowned for its ease of installation. Faster
installation timeframes and lower labor costs are the perks of this service. In short, our
Aquatherm HVAC systems offer energy efficient, reliable and cost-effective solutions for
heating and cooling buildings, making them a popular choice for many HVAC projects.

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Aquatherm HVAC system has several benefits:

Corrosion Resistance:
The exceptional resistance to corrosion of Aquatherm piping guarantees long term endurance and low maintenance needs. This resilience is especially useful in settings where chemicals are present or there are harsh water conditions.

High Temperature and Pressure Performance:
Aquatherm piping is appropriate for a variety of HVAC applications, such as hydronic heating and cooling systems because it can tolerate high temperatures and pressures.

Reduced Energy Consumption:
Since Aquatherm HVAC systems are so effective, less energy is used, which results in cheaper utility bills. Aquatherm piping’s smooth
inside surface reduces friction losses, while polypropylene’s superior insulation qualities support thermal efficiency.

Quick and Simple Installation:
Heat fusion welding techniques can be used to swiftly and simply install Aquatherm piping, removing the need for extra sealants, adhesives or soldering. Faster installation timelines, lower labor costs and less disturbance to building owners are some of the many benefits.

Flexibility and Versatility:
The wide range of sizes and combinations of Aquatherm piping facilitates more adaptability in system design and installation. Numerous HVAC applications, such as heating, cooling, potable water and industrial operations, can be performed by it.

Leak-Free couplings:
Strong and leak-free couplings that withstand temperature changes and mechanical strains are produced by the heat fusion welding method. This keeps the system from being damaged by water and guarantees dependable operation for its whole lifespan.

Environmentally Friendly:
Aquatherm piping is a sustainable option for HVAC systems because it is composed of recyclable polypropylene. Furthermore, Aquatherm HVAC systems’ energy efficient performance lessens environmental effects and greenhouse gas emissions.


For a number of reasons, professional assistance is required during the installation, maintenance and repair of Aquatherm HVAC systems. The skills, training and experience our HVAC experts have are necessary to design and install Aquatherm
systems in accordance with industry standards and best practices. They are aware of the particular conditions that must be met while working with Aquatherm piping in order to guarantee appropriate joint integrity, leak protection and system operation. Our trained professionals also have access to specific tools and equipment needed for testing, fusion welding and troubleshooting Aquatherm systems. In order to ensure compliance and safety during installation, they are also well aware regarding building rules and laws. Employing experts also guarantees the preservation of Aquatherm systems’ warranty coverage, giving you piece of mind and investment protection.

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